Wednesday, April 20, 2016

My Publications

  1. Medical Social Work in India, Delhi School of Social work, Delhi, 1961
  2. Records in Social Case Work,  D.S.S.W., Delhi, 1966
  3. Social Welfare, Health and Family Planning in India, Marwah Publications, New Delhi, 1979
  4. Social Welfare - An Evolutionary and Developmental Perspective, Macmillan India, New Delhi. 1981
  5. Social Welfare Manpower - A Regional study, Suruchi Publications, Delhi. 1983
  6. Social Work and Social Welfare - A Historical and Cultural Perspective Niruta Publications, Bangalore. 2012
  7. Social Policy, Social Welfare and Social Development, Niruta Publications, Bangalore. 2013
  8. Social work and Social Welfare - A Historical and Cultural Perspective, Revised and Abridged, National Book Trust, (subsidized edition) Niruta Publications, Bangalore. 2014  

Papers and articles not reprinted in the above publications.
  1. Doing without knowing - A note on knowledge, theory and practice in Field work in Social Work Ed. R.R. Singh, Concept Publication, Delhi
  2. Radical Rhetoric and Conservative Ideology, Essay Review of UGC report on Social Work Education Economic and Political Weekly 1981
  3. Forty years of Social work Education, Indian Council of Social Welfare 40th year souvenir, Bombay, 1984
  4. Social work Educators, as Scholars - Some animadversions, Indian Journal of Social work, April 2002
  5. Is HRD a field of Social Work? Social Work Footprints, Ed. Ramesha M.H.
  6. A political pamphlet - Quit Goa
  7. Five articles published in Kannada in two Felicitation volumes, two anthologies and a monthly magazine Social Work Footprints Ed. Ramesha M.H. 

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  1. Wow,Sir! Superb contribution! Thanks for sharing! I have missed out on a few of these.